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We Train Your Four-legged Friend To Stay Away From Poisonous Cane Toads In Naples, Florida.
Collier County Domestic Animal Service (D.A.S.) Training Permit #P18-001852
Poisonous Cane Toads in Naples, Florida | Cane Toad Aversion Training for Dogs in Naples, Florida - A Wild Affair, LLC


What is a Cane Toad and Why Are They Dangerous?

The Cane toad (Rhinella Marina) was introduced to Southwest Florida in the 1930s as pest control for sugar cane fields. However, they quickly became a highly invasive species with no natural predators and a dangerously toxic prey for local pets. If not treated immediately, this toad can be fatal to your pet in as soon as fifteen minutes.

Did you know? All toads are frogs but not all frogs are toads. Every toad looks different, no 2 are identical.

The Cane toad season in SW Florida between April and October brings invasive poisonous toads to backyards across Naples. Dogs tend to chase and/or interact with them to their peril.

9 Inches

In length and can get up to 2.5 lbs

15 Minutes

To get treatment for your pet after contact

25000 Eggs

Laid per female up to two times a year

Remove Cane Toads Before They Cause Any Harm to Your Dog.

$40 Per House Up to an Acre for Removal. $40 Per Acre for Larger Properties for Removal.


How Does Aversion Training Work?

Introduction and Correction

Your canine is given the chance to encounter a large, live Cane toad in a controlled environment. Using a low-level stimulation dog collar, the dog is given a correction when it knowingly engages the toad. This results in the dog perceiving that he or she has been bitten by the toad. Self-preservation prevails.

Smaller Cane Toad Correction

After proven aversion of a large Cane toad, the process proceeds with using a baby Cane toad in a controlled environment. The dog is given a chance to discover it. This is an important step since the dog may perceive a baby (smaller) Cane toad as harmless.

Application of Training

A Cane toad is placed in a natural path in a natural setting. During this part of the process, our trainer will guide your dog toward the live Cane toad. Your dog may identify the toad from a distance given his prior experience of steps one and two. Once the owner calls the dog to him/herself it allows the dog to apply those experiences and make a wide arc around the toad to reach you. The owner should praise the dog for passing the tests.

Let Us Help Train Your Dog To Stay Away From Cane Toads.

$40 Per Dog for Training & Retraining. A $40.00 service fee applies to each package. Service fee waived with three (3) or more dogs in training or if in combination with removal service.
Dog on Leash | Cane Toad Aversion Training for Dogs in Naples, Florida - A Wild Affair, LLC

Can my dog be trained if he/she has already encountered a Cane Toad?

Yes, your dog can be trained. Please explain the dog’s experience.

Can my dog be trained without a training collar?

No. Any encounter the dog experiences without negative consequences promotes a dangerous pattern.

How long does it take for the training to be effective?

The results of training are effective immediately . Self preservation becomes a priority.

Does the training last forever?

The first training session could be everlasting, depending on the dog. The second session is more advanced and reinforces the dog’s aversion to Cane toads. A third session at least a full year after is advised to confirm the dog’s retention of training.

How serious is toad poisoning?

Cane toad poisoning can result in a painful death.

Is a Cane Toad the same as a Bufo Toad?

Yes, they are the same.

Andy White, Professional and Licensed Dog Trainer | Cane Toad Aversion Training for Dogs in Naples, Florida - A Wild Affair, LLC


Andy J. White

Andy J. White began his career in 2000 as a volunteer with the bird show at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida. Not long after, he took a position at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida as an animal trainer and emcee of its bird show. He also worked as an individual contractor and falconer for World Bird Sanctuary from 2003-2006 covering Florida, Missouri, and California.

White started and grew a business, Natural Solutions Wildlife Enterprise, a partnership based in Southern California from 2005 to 2011. This encompassed falconry, nuisance wildlife abatement, and training various birds and animals for film and TV in Hollywood. During this time he also traveled the U.S. training dogs for rattlesnake aversion.

White married novelist Kay Taylor Burnett in 2012 and moved to Naples, Florida where they purchased a home. The couple has three dogs, two parrots, and a cat. In 2017, White started, A Wild Affair LLC., an exotic waterfowl rental service.

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